Marketing Consulting Services

The right marketing strategy will plant the seeds for your business to grow 

We like nothing more than to implement a marketing strategy for your business that makes your competitors nervous. We want you to shine, stand out from the crowd and be the leaders in your industry.

Partnering with us means you get just that – a partner. In today’s competitive business world, you’ll have far more success with your marketing efforts if you team up with someone who understands your business, your clients and your company culture. Our passion and enthusiasm combined with our marketing knowledge gives you a competitive edge when it comes to growing your business.

Marketing Consulting

Think of us as your Marketing Department without the expensive overheads. We consult with you on any marketing or business related matter. We develop a strategy you can follow yourself or have us implement on your behalf.

A risk when doing your own marketing and adding new strategies over time is that your strategy can become inconsistent and lack focus. A fresh perspective, will ensure you have brand and messaging consistency.


A good brand will resonate with your target market and stand out from the competition. Your brand is not just your logo or website, but the intangible feelings your target market experience when they interact with your business. Whether it’s a total business rebrand or a full brand audit, we have the experience on both a national and global level and can share our knowledge, experience and recommendations with you.

Website Development

In the online world we now live in, your website is one of the most important and valuable marketing tools your business has. Your company website needs to be visually appealing, send the right message, sell your products or services well and be easy for your customers to navigate. It also needs to be optimised for search engines so it gets found online. We’ll help you create a website that targets your customers, is easy to use and most importantly, generates a return.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular and widely used methods of connecting with your target market. It’s a cost effective way to communicate with your audience, advertise and position your brand in front of a targeted group of viewers. We have industry-accredited training and can design a package that will give your business a social media audience.


Often referred to as ‘Black Magic’, if you want to be found online, you need to have SEO and SEM strategies in place. It’s imperative your business has organic search results and tactics in place to maintain and grow your listings. FourSeeds Marketing has vast SEO and SEM experience and is a Certified Google Partner, which means you can have 100% confidence in our ability and techniques to get you the online results.

Event Management

Whether your event is small or large, we have the experience to ensure your event runs smoothly, on budget and is a huge success. Some of the events FourSeeds Marketing has managed include Global Training Seminars, customer events and product launches.

Advertising & Promotions

FourSeeds Marketing can assist with determining the right advertising and promotional strategies that are right for your business and will resonate with your target market. We have plenty of experience in creating brochures, technical instructions, print, online, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

Market Research

Market research is vital for any successful business. You need to know everything you can about your market place, customers and competitors. Regardless of your industry, knowing who your competitors are and what makes their businesses work well is important. Market Research will give you a detailed insight into your strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses. FourSeeds Marketing will do all the hard work and provide you with the answers you need to grow your business!

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