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Fromm Packaging Australia is the leader in developing and producing high quality packaging, strapping and wrapping solutions for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Fromm is a Swiss family business and operates in over 50 countries, through 30 subsidiaries and a large network of sales partners.

The work completed by FourSeeds Marketing
My main objective when starting in June 2016 was to scope and work with developers to create a new website for Fromm Packaging that achieved organic rankings, reduce Google spend and increase the amount of website leads. Other objectives included creating new value-added marketing initiatives and create marketing plans for all the key product ranges

Key achievements
• Creation of the new Fromm website
• Fromm Packaging spent 50% less in 2017 on Google ads. The money saved on Google ad words was invested into new marketing initiatives.
• Achieved great organic page one search results for over 100 keywords.
• Increased sales leads by 146%
• Creation of the “fast product finder” allowing customers to answer a few simple questions and then they were displayed with the machines suitable for their requirements.
• The Fromm Australia website has since been duplicated and used by other European Fromm subsidiaries.
• Creation of a new brand called Fromm Advantage. The Fromm Advantage is a list of value added services that Fromm Australia provide to all customers.
• Created two new shopping cart websites for sister companies – LSP Safety Products and EMD Packaging Systems
• Managed and co-ordinated the Fromm Australia exhibition at the Auspack Conference in 2017.
• Created a full suite of product brochures and flyers


Here at Fromm we use FourSeeds Marketing for all our marketing programs.

Katie was instrumental in developing and implementing three new websites for the Fromm Australia group. The Fromm website has achieved page one organic Google rankings, saving us thousands per month on Google advertising. Website leads have increased, and we are very happy with website performance.

Katie has created a mix of high level marketing plans for a range of product ranges. The plans can be easily implemented locally giving us great return on investment.

Overall, we feel FourSeeds Marketing is a great asset to our business. Katie has a strong work ethic, and she will go above and beyond to ensure a project is completed on time and budget. We would highly recommend FourSeeds Marketing to develop and implement engaging business websites and successful marketing strategies.

Richard Layton

Managing Director , Fromm Packaging

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